Personal Akashic Record Initiation

Open profound doorways with guidance from the Masters of the Library of the Cosmos.  Here all information for each Soul across all lifetimes, containing every word, thought, action, feeling and intent is stored and the potential realities we attract.   Prepare to be given the most deeply loving messages and guidance.

  • An Akashic Reading exploring your own individual questions
  • Tap into your true potential
  • Receive answers to unanswered questions in your life
  • Re-orientate and align correctly in your life
  • Receive deep reassurance and loving messages
  • Receive a recording of the session

Once your session has been booked I will contact you via email to schedule the session and receive your questions for the Libraries.

Sessions are recorded.

What will I get from an Akashic Soul Initiation?

  • Open up to the bigger picture of everything in your life
  • Receive clarity on your decisions
  • Understand challenges from an entirely different perspective
  • Deeply loving Soul messages come to you
  • Receive Recorded individual Session

What is an Akashic Record Initiation?

The Records can be found in folklore, myth and as far back as the Semitic peoples including Arabs, Assyrian, Phoenicians, Babylonians and the Hebrews. Each of these referred to some kind of celestial tablets which contain the history and humankind including all manners of spiritual information.

In the current transitional time we are in right now  profound guidance is coming through individually guiding us on how to navigate the next Evolutionary step. The records show us how we are connected in the web of life and who and why certain individuals and situations come about. The Masters and Guides in the records are deeply loving and unconditional in all ways as they help to guide, educate and transform each of us to become the best we can be. They deeply give you the eagle view of your life, understanding everyone and everything you have attracted in your relationship with the Universe. We are given an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures which are called into potential as we interact and learn.

These sessions are online.

To gift this healing initiation please select the Gift Voucher option below and in the ‘Order Notes’ box at Checkout, please include the full name and address of the recipient together with any message.

Please note: Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.