Your Unique Gene Keys Initiation

  •  90 minute GK exploration to begin your hologenetic profile or guidance to questions in your life
  • Discover the shadow themes of your life
  • Remember your gifts and embodied Light
  • Soften into your body
  • Find core stability
  • Realise your genius
  • Challenges in relationships are highlighted
  • Loving Guidance given on how to embark on this extraordinary journey
  • Receive clarity on how you fit in in the World
  • Learn how to be in service and spread your love

In order to create your Gene Key Initiation, please supply time, date and place of birth during Checkout and enter it in the box ‘Order Notes’.

What is a Gene Keys Initiation?

Having explored the Human Design system in great detail, I had a continual nudging sensation that there was even more. The Human Design system brings deep breakthroughs regarding the mechanics. With my background in Psychology, body and shadow work I discovered the profound system called the Gene Keys by the immense Soul, Richard Rudd. My heart continues to open more and more to myself and how we are all interconnected. There is no other teaching so deeply gentle and loving as it brings immense breakthroughs and one becomes embodied spiritually. (See for more details).

Birth details combining astrology and the Gene Keys offer a map to discover your true Soul journey. It is a journey deep into one self like no other. I am so deep grateful  for this wisdom in opening my heart. The Gene Keys for me has been the unraveling and softening into love, the Divine Feminine.

Three key areas are explored – your genius, your relationships and your prosperity. We are all here to prosper in life and this inner journey through contemplation brings in the higher keys and codes to unlock your DNA.

An initiation gives you a blueprint to your subconscious archetypes so you can understand yourself with astounding depth and precision.

An initiation will set you up on your journey and you unlock each sphere yourself in your own time.

These sessions are online.

To gift this healing initiation please select the Gift Voucher option below and in the ‘Order Notes’ box at Checkout, please include the full name and address of the recipient together with any message.

Please note: Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.