Highly recommended! 

What we believe creates the current manifestation in our lives.

Theta healing is fast and deeply powerful  bringing abundance and

healing to Body, Mind and Spirit and your life.

Theta Healing Initiation

  •  60 minute healing session
  • We chat to assess where you want change in your life-fears, limiting beliefs, money scarcity, relationship challenges, health issues and/or  lack of joy
  • You receive a guided meditation to bring you into deep relaxation
  • We tap into your true potential for significant life changes
  • Release subconscious programming and limiting beliefs holding you back and experience Deep Healing by replacing thoughts with empowered beliefs and the feelings.
  • Align with your Sovereignty as the Creator
  • Discover the answers to deeper questions in your life and free yourself to light up your life

My journey led me to explore the quantum field the shamans often speak about in greater detail. I discovered a powerful modality, Theta healing, which taps into the brain’s Theta waves enabling deep emotional and physical healing. Quantum physics and theta show us we have the ability to change our limited beliefs in an instant. Personally, this transformative inner work allowed me to free so much beliefs holding me back in my life. It involves exploring, understanding and correcting old beliefs can create a completely new life of ease, abundance and joy. We are the Creators of our reality!

Sessions are online.


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