Human Design Relationship Reading/Initiation

  • 90 minute HD Reading combining two individual charts e.g. your partner and you or children, friends and relations
  • Discover what happens when you are together energetically
  • Learn about the other deepens the relationship
  • See potential magic of being together
  • Receive guidance on areas of possible challenge and what you both can learn from each other and begin to accept
  • It is a deep healing and love zone!
  • Ways to heal difficulties are sharing for you both if required
  • Follow up support session is available if required at similar pricing

Please supply time, date and place of birth in the ‘Order Notes’ box at Checkout for both parties.

What will I get from a Human Design Relationships Initiation/ Reading?

  • Release the mind ruling your life and be clear on your decisions in relationships
  • Become sovereign and self empowered whilst in your relationships
  • See where you have become potentially conditioned and turn it into wisdom
  • Understand many of your life challenges in a new way
  • Discover how your energy works with this other person in your life
  • Learn about the other in a totally new way.
  • See where you each are a true gift to the World and latent potentials
  • Attract the life you were meant to live with others
  • Relax into your body
  • Open up to compassion and understanding the other in new beautiful ways.

‘Having had various readings in other modalities from astrology to therapy sessions and nothing could come close to the precision and clarity that awaited my first reading. I felt my True Nature could emerge at last as my differences were acknowledged and presented as gifts, my deep conditioning highlighted and my unconscious patterning could come up to transcend. I learned how to bypass my mind to make the correct choices for me and with this information my experiment here on the Earth plane could really begin. These sessions are deeply reverberated right into your DNA like no other. It is such a powerful journey into your unique genetic makeup’


What is a Human Design Reading?

Human design is a tranformational catayst in understanding and allowing personal awakening.  It is an awareness tool like no other. It brings ancient knowledge, science, astrology, shamanism and genetics together and help clients truely understand themselves and unlock the codes in  their DNA. You discover how to become harmonious with all around you and surrender into your unique life journey. It deeply shows individiuals how to heal from conditioning.   Their life purpose is show from from a whole new perspective and how to accept and love themselves fully living the life they are meant to live. You are given your unique chart and learn how to be fully you!

In Human Design, I am a 2/5 Quad Right Projector (almost Reflector!) with the Life Theme of the Four Ways.  I have one channel which is the Channel of Initiation/the Shaman.

With such openness on my chart I have deep penetrating vision into an individual’s potentials and how to initiate their true dynamism.  As a Projector I have a very unique design and my life work is Gate 19 so I see the unseen in many ways and I am here as a  bridge between Worlds and dimensions. As a child I have always had future visions and I was highly attuned to others and their frequencies and unseen energies. It is naturally shown on my design that I can tune in energetically to help you resolve complex issues and  bring clarity and acceptance to you and your life. My channel is a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds and here to initiate others into new arenas in life. I love this channel as it is  a great proponent of Universal. unconditional love and here to open doors to new possibilties, instigating opportunities for personal and widespread renewal of others. If you are resonating with the desire to leave your comfort zone and open new doorways of bettering yourself and your life with wild abandon I am here to guide you in a magical journey. Together we will step into the new world of love, ease and harmony with all.

Sessions are adapted for all ages.


To gift this healing initiation please select the Gift Voucher option below and in the ‘Order Notes’ box at Checkout, please include the full name and address of the recipient together with any message.

Please note: Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.