Great things always begin from the inside.

The Inner Luminous Light Voyage

You are about to embark on a deep journey within your being to become a powerful leader and co-creator of the new Earth. This is a very multilayered transformative path  for those who are truly ready to step into a much higher version of themselves. If you have been on your healing journey and yearn to fully step up then this is for you.

With the wisdom of ancient and modern systems you will first become deeply embodied in your body. This course is full of immense tools and techniques to discover your Soul Blueprint and how to unlock your highest potential and essence. You will unveil what has been holding you fully back in your life, opening of your heart to true love self and others, and fully stepping into service. Through journeying, meditations, fun physical exercise, nutrition, breath-work, teaching and guidance of powerful systems you will become very clear of your Soul journey and embody health and vitality within.  This section of the journey brings a grounded enjoyment of being in your body in order to release the inner love in your heart and brings a flow and zest for life.

Our journey continues by deprogramming the subconscious in order to bring in your highest timelines. You will discover how to remain above the matrix in a powerful way. Here you become deeply soverign and powerful in your mission. Through quantum healing, light language and powerful activations you will learn to walk your path effortlessly and with grace holding the highest of frequencies.

Through activations and upgrades you will connect with your Star Family and Galactic teams and deepen your channeling abilities. This powerful, final section of the journey will activate your Soul Blueprint and leadership codes awakening your clarity of your mission at this time. You will also discover how to fully connect with Mother Earth and become her guardian.

The intent of this container is  that you are fully empowered within in all areas of your life and you are fully following your path with grace and ease. By doing so you are then grounded and ready to co-create your Divine mission on a New Earth along with your powerful guides and fellow Souls. You will have all the tools and techniques to walk on Earth impeccably loving you, your life and deeply strong in stepping into your multidimensional mission fully to bring full love, sustainability and unity back to Earth.

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Begins September 22nd