Personal Breathwork Initiation

Breathwork is a deeply healing modality potentially bringing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Through conscious breathing emotional blockages and deep pain can be released. At my own first breathwork session my whole body was immersed in the highest energies flooding through. It was one of the most healing experiences I have ever had as I was basked in the Light of the Divine.

In my sessions I guide you gently through specific types of breathing which deepens your connections with your own body and healing, quietening the mind fully and may bring potential connections to your Higher Self, Ancestors and Spirit.

  • 90 minute Healing Session
  • We chat first to see what is happening in your life and then you are invited to lie down fully clothed with a blanket whilst I give you instructions on the breath with music playing
  • You are instructed how to continue the breathwork at home daily
  • If I am intuitively guided and have your permission I may do energy work and bring in sound instruments
  • Release of emotions will be encouraged
  • You receive feedback on your breathing patterns and how to open up more to your breath

What can happen in a Breathwork Initiation?

  1. Healing on very deep levels
  2. Learning breath practice to use at home daily
  3. Increased connection with your body
  4. Feel deeply relaxed and possibly interconnected with all
  5. Connections to Higher Guidance
  6. A Deep release of blocked emotions so you feel energised and lighter

My healing room is based outside Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Sessions available online.

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