Heal and balance Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Release dense energies in your energetic blueprint.

Gain guidance out of challenges.

Open up to joy.

Discover your Power Animals.

Personal Shamanic Healing Initiation

  • 90 minute Healing Session
  • We chat to assess what is happening in your life and then you are invited to lie down fully clothed with a blanket
  • Tap into your true potential
  • Release dense energies within your auric field and body
  • Align correctly in your life
  • Receive guidance from Spirit in your journey
  • Support on how to rebuild your relationship with Nature and Spirit
  • We may build a fire for transmuting energies

My path led me to undergo impeccable trainings in Andean Shamanism, the pure teaching of the Q’ero medicine men and women high up in the Andes and the female Amaru tradition of Peru along with the weaving of my own Celtic shamanic traditions of Ireland.

I intuitively assess through Spirit and Power animals what it is you require in the session. Sessions may include the lllumination Process, Soul Retrieval and Fluid Extraction.

My healing room is based outside Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

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