Our indigenous people share that we have already transitioned to the new Earth. They encourage the coming together of people from all corners of the World with open loving hearts to cocreate a new World of love, harmony and respect for all life and Gaia. Our Elders see the uniting in communities worldwide as vital in order to weave our new world into being.

Yet many of us are still living in the 3D matrix and find it increasingly difficult to step up into joy and harmony. I have pondered over this, especially through the global Covid situation. The answer that comes through has been consistent. What keeps us locked into the old ways are still those sneaky shadows lurking in deeper layers of our subconscious, consisting of unconscious beliefs and looped habits and patterns. There is an unconscious resistance within keeping us from transitioning to higher frequencies and we have forgotten how much we hold on to our old stories, traumas, emotions and pain. Bringing loving awareness and Light to our painful areas has the potential for huge inner shifts in our lives. Together I guide in the opening of your heart, of dreaming a new magical and wonderful life for you. I offer a safe container to feel heard, unconditionally accepted and held as emotions and beliefs systems are liberated. This work requires total commitment on your part and full determination to take control of all aspects of your life.

Unlocking our stuck patterns in our relationships is very prominent work on our Soul path as we transition. 5D relationships are ones of deep love, acceptance, harmony the release of expectations and ease and grace. Weaving the Human Design system and Gene Keys along with my own inner guidance is a deep and profound way to unlock our inner masculine and feminine imbalances. It is within our Venus and Mars gates and keys that we find the absolute diamonds within our DNA waiting to shine. Flicking open a chart shows our own individual map, compass and key to loving ourselves deeply. Here we see our own individual shadow patterns that we are here to embrace and integrate within, and open the hidden gift waiting inside. How magical is that! Long hours speaking to our therapist trying to find out our inherited patterns is over!

This knowledge is now available to gift us the ability to leap into true love within and truly loving and potentially transforming others around us.It is time for our hearts to open in love.

There is a deep safety within your being to ride any waves of chaos at this time. All we need to do is to anchor within and embody love again. It is our destiny! It is time to release the illusion which enforces our defences. It is time to open our divine feminine heart. Embodying infinite intelligence is here now.

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