Before I ventured further into more teachings, I decided to take time out from working as a psychologist and spent a number of years quietly tuning into my own deeper self through meditation. Our family moved to the countryside and I began spending hours in a nearby forest connecting to Nature.

This time out became a significant awakening for me. Many mornings I would get up at 4am and venture out to spend time in the forest and in large beautiful paddocks among a neighbour’s herd of horses. A World of Nature and Animals opened up within me as I remembered how to connect with both the animal and plant worlds. Through these connections I could communicate and learn deep understandings of the Great Universal Truths.

It was during these intensely exciting morning awakenings that I was given guidance to paint horses in oils on large canvases. Initially, I ignored these messages as I did not know how to paint in oils, paint animals, and questioned the cost of purchasing what was required. On a walk close by my home I met a local artist and explained what I was being called to do. She held both my hands and encouraged me to take the leap. I ordered aisle, paints and canvases the following day and awaited eagerly for them to arrive.

As I sat that first morning at the canvas, waves of anxiety and fear flooded my body but I breathed through the intensity. At the moment I asked Spirit to come through into my hands, I have never looked back. Waves of expansiveness and joy move through me as I paint. I was later told that in a previous lifetime I was a Shaman and people traveled from all over the United States, sometimes hundreds of miles to discover their power animals and purchase my channeled works of Art. These Power Animal portraits are believed to imbue the highest frequencies for the owner and powerfully guide and protect them in their lifetime. In this lifetime, my artwork is to continue and I have been called to merge it with other healing modalities to be in service in the World.

These Animal Guide portraits have astounded people by just sitting with them. Waves of the high vibrational energy can come through often bringing people to tears as they feel deep love and receive personal messages from the spirit animal World. I was guided to wait until the World was ready to share them and have not fully brought this work out in to the World until now. These images are here to activate your Soul. May they guide you well.

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