Whilst creating this website with Ber, my very extremely talented web designer I was drawn to include in the photographs two of my absolute favourite Oracle decks. These cards have helped me unfold layer upon layer of more aspects to integrate within myself. Each of these two decks provide focus and intentions on the opening of the heart. There are two main decks: the Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck and The White Light Oracle Deck. I highly recommend both.

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle deck and guidebook are beautiful works of art channeled by Rosy Aronson. Rosy is an inspirational artist, author, guide and a beautiful Soul guiding and inspiring people in all walks of life. She has written books, courses, created incredible works of art, taken part in film and been involved in various Global Outreach projects along with these Wisdom Keepers. This lady is one of the most compassionate individuals one could ever meet!

The Wisdom Keeper Oracle deck consists of 64 faces of Awakening which guide us back to our own self worth, restoring unconditional love for ourselves and in turn bringing love to others. It is a playful way to move through the shadows in the Gene Keys as we connect with each wise guide who aids us in discovering our gifts which lie waiting to be revealed. I have found these cards so easy to work with and yet they bring profound clarity and guidance. Each archetypal figure is based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching which forms the foundational archetypal themes of the Universe. These cards bring you on a very special inward journey back to acceptance and into your heart. My deepest gratitude goes out to Rosy for awakening so much within me and teasing out hidden aspects which I bring into my life daily. The cards are available on amazon and on her website www.wisdomkeepers.net.

Another Oracle deck and guidebook I have currently been using to bring deeper opening into the heart and connection to Spirit has been the White Light Oracle Guidebook by Alana Fairchild. To be on the planet right now is such a journey and with these cards there is very special reassurance, teachings and consistent gentle guidance to move inwards to bring healing of the body and in particular the heart. Alana has written books, oracles, music, meditations and gives many training programs to awaken the Spirit. Her website is www.alanafairchild.com and her offerings are also available on amazon. Alana has many other Oracle decks which are transformative and bring awakening. She brings such medicine in her transformative words for our current transitions. Thank you Alana. What a blessing you are to Humanity!

For those of you unsure how to work with Oracle decks it is not complicated at all and will most certainly bring many blessings as they are infused with keys and codes for our Soul journey. May they transform you on your path back to love!