Over recent months, I have been noticed and pondered on the deep sensation of nervousness that lies within many of us. It is often not there when we are alone, but when another walks into our energetic field it scrunches up in our belly. This exploration within myself has led me down an incredible rabbit hole of insights that are unraveling.

This tightness is our deepest fear of separation that holds on for dear life when we meet another. It is a tightness that triggers our pain, consciously and sub-consicously. It reminds us that we need to defend ourselves against a perceived threat of some kind. It is also a pressure to show our career potentials to the other, how amazing we are or show how spiritual we are blah blah blah. The whole pressure is to keep on talking to avoid the silence that occurs when we meet another. If we stay with the silence it is so darn uncomfortable. I have so much openness in my human design chart and with two pressures centers at the crown wide open and root undefined I have lived with this pressure!. Believe me, I have been adapting and using all sort of masks and distractions in my relationships to avoid this one sensation! It has only led to pain!

So my experiment has been as much can I am going to stay with it! After all in the Gene Keys the purpose of my Siddhi is SILENCE! So I decided to go for it. Have I embraced this fully?  Nope!  But I was so determined to try it out. What I have discovered is really seeing my conditioning and fears. All the beliefs taken in for over 50 years and despite the years of therapy, breath-work, body work, de-conditioning my human design there seem to be deeper and deeper layers. The beauty of the journey is I have been getting to really be more compassionate and accepting of myself. All focus has gone inwards to what is happening whilst with another in a curious fashion rather than judgmental. What I am picking up on within myself and in the other that I do not want to feel or see has been huge. Often especially in a group, it is total overwhelm and all the information coming in it scrambled with 7 undefined centeers. Now in the silence, I can just sit, feel, accept, breath and play with the curiosity of it all like an innocent child. Boom everything shifts!

Children have no difficulty staring back without smiling as do many indigenous tribes. They are completely comfortable in their own skin and are completely in the moment with another. There is no need for ego and they live sensing our inter-connectedness. They see no separation and are curious of the frequencies and vibrations of meeting another with loving acceptance. What freedom! It cuts out all our pressures and we get to just BE again. Fear is an illusion and yet has a tightest grip within humanity. It brings so much pain and loneliness individually and so much areas of conflict worldwide between men and women, different cultures, nations, leaders and their people. It is all a complete illusion and thankfully it is one that collectively is on the way out. But for any change to truly happen in humanity, we all need to go to this small one point INSIDE and stay with it. Can it possibly be that simple!

This one point has been referred to in ancient wisdom for centuries the Dan Tien. This is below the navel and our most powerful point in the body. To focus here can change the transition of humanity into surrendered relaxation within our body, bring us all fully together as humans and silencing our minds control.! Simples!? It is worth a shot! Join me down the rabbit hole! Let me know how it goes!