As Divine children of Love, we are in a process of remembering our gifts and the purity of our innocence that lies within. The beauty and power of your true identity is loves gift to Gaia. Our journey of Evolution is to de-condition from all that is not pure deep within and in the collective. As the Earth passes by the Milky Way we have the immense unique opportunity to truly shine and jump into profound wondrous timelines. Now we can shine our magic and live our true manifested lives on Earth with joy, love and harmony together interconnected. Upon our return, we will find we dance in our innocence within the cells of our being radiating our Light once more with the Divine. We are all one heart.

We have incarnated forgetting oneness and become locked in shame and mundane lives. The illusion of our separation from love for many brings deep loneliness, confusion and hopelessness. Many have incarnated into challenging childhoods and were unable to hold the higher frequencies of our magic and this can block us for the rest of our lives. However, it is all our perfect journey on the Earth plane. My guidance is to help you remember and dance to the rhythm of your own life again. Resistance to change is often judged yet it is there to be embraced.  We have within our power the opportunity to figure out how to feel safe through the ups and downs. It is often through our deepest, lowest moments that immense clarity and wisdom emerges and the breakthroughs occur. Denser vibrational beliefs about ourselves and unexpressed emotions block our joy and talents that are intended to shine from our DNA.

I am here to show you that it does not have to be a long hard journey of transition but in fact I will show you how to glide through these changes into the 5D in a lighter way. Personally, I love this time of change and want to show you how to embrace it to become all you wish to be fearlessly. My role as a Soul Initiator is to transform the depths of duality and reintroduce the frequencies of Light. We now have the opportunity to fully transform and bring in the highest frequencies individually and collectively. I provide the container and magic to bring a Soul’s highest potential into being. The focus is in living in the moment because it is only from there that we can truly tap into the magic of our irresistible Light. What unfolds and comes up is always there to be held and loved. Through the deep acceptance and loving what lies hidden we relax into deeper embodiment and our aura radiates that of peace.

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